GASTRICELL is a unique 3-in-1 blend of superior patented Lactobacillus johnsonii No. 1088, Bifidobacterium longum and oligosaccharide; developed to provide a long-term solution for recurrent symptoms relating to gastric acid. It is a safe and natural supplement that targets the root cause for effective, soothing relief while promoting natural healing to help break the cycle of drug dependency.

Potent ingredients of GASTRICELL

  • Lactobacillus johnsonii  No. 1088 is a novel and patented strain of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). It addresses the root cause of peptic ulcer and acid reflux: reduce gastrin and overactive gastric acid secretion, eliminate H. pylori bacteria, and regulate healthy intestinal flora.
  • Bifidobacterium longum is a bacterial species commonly found in the human intestine. This beneficial bacterium has been known to have diversified physiological effects, such as restoration of good bacteria, reduction of harmful bacteria, improvement of intestinal environment, supporting a strong immune system and natural defense against digestive problems.
  • Oligosaccharide serves as a non-digestible “food” for Bifidobacterium longum to promote their growth in the intestines.

Scientifically proven health benefits of L. johnsonii No. 1088:

  • Relieve recurrent stomach discomfort at root cause
  • Soothe burning sensation in the chest
  • Manage gastric acid backflow
  • Help to break cycle of drug dependency
  • Maintain good gastrointestinal health

Who should take GASTRICELL?

GASTRICELL is a safe and natural supplement that is suitable for those with the following concerns:

1. Recurring stomach discomfort
2. Acid backflow and chest-burning sensation
3. Incomplete elimination of H. pylori bacteria
4. Family history of gastric concerns
5. Gastrointestinal side effects of medications
6. Desire to look for a natural solution for gastric concerns with long-term soothing and protective effects
7. Poor diet, unhealthy and stressful lifestyles
8. Excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco or coffee
9. Poor intestinal health with constipation or loose stools
10. Wish to maintain good gastrointestinal health and strengthen immunity